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For the Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

Our Lab

Our lab explores the basic biological mechanisms underlying aging. We search for new approaches to delay and prevent aging-associated diseases, particularly metabolic dysfunctions. All under our vision of increasing knowledge and improving the world. To do so, we use human tissue cultures sophisticated mouse models and big data analyses. We merge versatile techniques including molecular and cellular biology, large-scale multi–omics analyses of RNA-sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics and posttranslational modification profiling along with bioinformatics analyses. Particularly, we focus on the NAD+ dependent deacylase, sirtuin 6 (SIRT6) a key regulator of longevity. Specifically, we have shown that enhancing SIRT6 activity increases healthy lifespan and protected against age related metabolic diseases, genome instability, inflammation, cancer, and cognitive decline.

Our lab hosts the Sami and Tova Sagol Center for Human Healthy Longevity Signature (HEALS), and also the Minerva Center for Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging. 

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